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New Orleans DUI Attorney Answers: How Long DUIs Stay On Your Record

A DWI typically stays on your driving record for ten years. That’s the point of time where you actually could be subjected to a second or a third within that ten year cleansing period. Although there’s some ambiguity in saying, you know, how long does it stay on your record.

I’ve represented clients and we’ve pulled up DWIs and DUIs that come up from the nineteen seventies and the the early nineteen eighties so insurance companies thorough background checks are often, can often see these things for a long, long time.

Since 9-11 NCIC which is the National Background Checks can really find any arrests, so even if you’re arrested and then you’re not convicted they can still find those. You may want to get them expunged, but the rule of thumb is you’ve been arrested, you’ve been finger printed and they’ve taken a nice photo of you, there’s going to be some record of it, but certainly a good lawyer can help prevent from making that permanent or making the duration shorter.


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