New Orleans Attorney Explains Felony Offenses In Louisiana

Felony’s something, it’s the more serious of the criminal of charges. So, we talked about misdemeanors, and now in felony cases usually they always have at least one year of hard labor in them.

Now, sometimes that can be suspended so just because you get caught and are convicted of a felony let’s say a possession of cocaine one time, it doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to jail, but it comes with hard labor and an actual, at least one plus year of incarceration in the state penitentiary so that’s the main thing.

There’s also two different types of felonies: there’s violent felonies and non violent felonies and there’s different classes and I don’t want to bore you with all the different classes of classes but this is kind of thing if you are arrested and you’re charged with a felony you really need a lawyer, a criminal defense lawyer that knows what they’re doing to kinda break that down to go over with you so you can see what your exposure is.


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