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I’m Seth Bloom with Bloom Legal, and one thing I wanted to talk about today is the Multi Bill Offender Law. And basically, what this means, if you have prior felony convictions, the state can use these convictions against you on future crimes or present crimes that you’ve been charged with or been arrested for. Give us a call here at Bloom Legal. Let us evaluate your criminal record so we can help assess your case and provide you with the best criminal defense out there. If you have any questions and you’ve been convicted of a crime and you’re currently charged with a crime, give us a call. I’m Seth Bloom, 504-599-9997.


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I contacted Bloom Legal out of the blue with a strange question for a fiction series I’m writing that takes place in New Orleans. Being from Maryland I was in the dark and needed assistance and they jumped at the chance to help me (they were the only law firm that responded to my e-mail). His team worked quickly and carefully to find the information I needed. Because of the help they provided it changed a large aspect of my novel and for that I am very grateful.

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