What is the Legal Limit For Alcohol in Louisiana?

The legal limit for alcohol in the state of Louisiana is .08. Now, that’s just one variable, that’s the BAC level.

You can get a DWI, a DUI in the state of Louisiana if you blow under that, but there’s other conditions. So, for instance, you can get a DWI for drugs, both prescription drugs and illegal drugs.

So .08 is, and that’s not a lot of alcohol: a lot of times people can go to a party and not even really feel buzzed with a .08, so the threshold is very low. It used to be .1 across the country it stayed .1 in Louisiana because of our party atmosphere, but about 15 years ago it went down to .08.

So, .08 is the BAC level that is the determination of whether or not you’re legally drunk, but like I said there can be other factors, so I’ve represented people on DWIs where they blew .04, but they were exhibiting strange behavior or indications of drug use and other things like that.


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