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What Lawyer Should I Hire If I Get A DWI While Out Of State?

Typically when you get a DWI or you’re arrested in New Orleans for any sort of crime, you need to get a lawyer that’s within the jurisdiction or the area  that you got arrested in.

So, the person has to be licensed in Louisiana. So, we represent people from Nebraska, California, New York, Florida, and all over the place. Now, it’s not unusual for us to corroborate with or work with and collaborate with the person’s personal lawyer, the client’s personal lawyer back home whether it’s in Miami or Detroit or wherever it is, but you need a lawyer that’s actually licensed and that practices in that area.

And that’s just a rule of thumb. Wherever you are in the country, you really want someone who knows the system. Every courthouse, every judge, every prosecutor has it’s own kind of idiosyncrasies. You want someone that’s familiar. It’s always a good sign when you walk into the court room and the clerks’ and the judge and the prosecutor all smile at you and say Hey Seth, how are you, good to see you again, how’s the family? That makes you feel like the person knows the system and knows what to do.


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    "I contacted Bloom Legal out of the blue with a strange question for a fiction series I’m writing that takes place in New Orleans. Being from Maryland I was in the dark and needed assistance and they jumped at the chance to help me (they were the only law firm that responded to my e-mail). His team worked quickly and carefully to find the information I needed. Because of the help they provided it changed a large aspect of my novel and for that I am very grateful."
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