Boating Accidents in New Orleans

David: Well Seth, a lot of calls that we get in the state of Louisiana involve boating accidents. A lot of people in the state work off-shore or the sportsman’s paradise, they love to fish, love to be in the outdoors. Can you talk a little bit about boating accidents and the laws surrounding that?

Seth: Yeah, Louisiana has a ton of water and we’re getting more and more every year. So boating and people that work in our oil industry off-shore, marine and boat accidents are something we deal with quite often. So if you are injured on a boat, whether that’s a recreation vehicle, a Jet Ski, a boat, fishing trip, or whether it’s working off-shore in the oil industry, we’ll be happy to assess your case and give you a free consultation and see what we can do to preserve your rights and hopefully protect you and help you with your injury.

David: Absolutely. And if you are injured in a boating accident, whether it’s off-shore or recreationally, please be sure to give Bloom Legal a call at (504) 599-9997 and talk to Seth or I about your options.


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