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Thanks for joining us again, I’m Seth Bloom on Bloom Legal blogs. We wanted to talk today a little bit about DWIs or driving while intoxicated, here in the state of Louisiana. If you get pulled over and arrested for a DWI, you should hire a DWI lawyer in your local parish. I represent people in New Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, and all over the state of Louisiana for DWI. There’s certain time limitations when getting a DWI, in order to protect your rights, with your driver’s license. There’s also opportunities to negotiate with the city attorney or the district attorney, in order to have your charges reduced. Give us a call at Bloom Legal 504-599-9997.

If you have questions about your license or trying to get a hardship license or the suspension of your driver’s license, that’s something that here at Bloom Legal we can help navigate through. There’s two parts to a DWI, there’s the criminal aspects which will be handled in Criminal Court, this will be dealing with your rights whether you’re guilty or not guilty, the second part is through the DMV, we can file that and help you with that as well. We can help assist you with your DWI and defend you here in New Orleans, or anywhere in the state of Louisiana. Give us a call today 504-599-9997, and let us represent you, and protect your driver’s license as well as your rights.


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    "I contacted Bloom Legal out of the blue with a strange question for a fiction series I’m writing that takes place in New Orleans. Being from Maryland I was in the dark and needed assistance and they jumped at the chance to help me (they were the only law firm that responded to my e-mail). His team worked quickly and carefully to find the information I needed. Because of the help they provided it changed a large aspect of my novel and for that I am very grateful."
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