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Dr Phil, Britney Spears, Dr Drew, and Patient Privacy Law

The story is still unfolding on Dr. Phil’s entry into the Britney Spears storyline, as TMZ is reporting today that Britney’s parents, Jamie and Lynn Spears, appeared via their family representative on NBC’s Today show […]

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Kanye West’s Mom and Dennis Quaid’s Twins: How to Prepare 4 a Medical Malpractice Suit

Today’s news is filled with the scoop that Dr. Jan Adams, the plastic surgeon that operated on Kanye West’s mom right before she died, walked off the live set of Larry King Live last night.  TMZ has […]

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The Death of Kanye West’s Mother – Medical Malpractice

Over the past few days, not only has the untimely death of Kanye West’s mother been reported, but TMZ.COM has gone to great lengths to investigate the criminal and civil history of her plastic surgeon, […]

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Chris Benoit, Anna Nicole: Are Their Doctors Responsible? Should U Trust Your Doc?

Chris Benoit’s doctor and Anna Nicole’s psychiatrist both claim to have been close friends with their deceased celebrity patients.  Criminal investigations are now underway to determine if these “good pals” were also to blame for their deaths. If […]

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Anna Nicole Smith’s Death — The Duty to Call EMS

Now that the findings have been released, and we know that Anna Nicole Smith officially died of an “accidental drug overdose,” it’s time to consider what those findings may mean to each of us and […]

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