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Accidental Poisoning Or Overdose Injury

Posted on May 10, 2021 in Personal Injury, Products Liability, Wrongful Death

Poisoning Is The Leading Cause of Accidental Deaths

When people think of accidental deaths they usually imagine car accidents or drowning, however, poisoning is more common than both of those. According to a study by the CDC, poisoning is the leading cause of injury death among all age groups. In 2019 unintentional poisoning killed 65,773 people, that’s almost twice the number of deaths by motor vehicle accidents or slip and fall accidents for that year.  Poisoning is a terrifying experience if the victim survives, and heartbreaking if they do not. If a loved one died from accidental exposure to a toxin or a medication interaction with a prescribed drug you and your family may be entitled to compensation. To file a wrongful death claim, contact our lawyers at Bloom Legal today for compassionate legal advice. 

Types of Accidental Poisoning 

New Orleans is a beautiful city, but its antique architecture is also full of risks for exposure to various toxins. Children are especially vulnerable to exposure, poisoning, and even death. Adults are still at risk as well, however, and statistically more likely to die from accidental poisoning or overdose.  Different types of poisonings fall under different categories of personal injury law. For example, carbon monoxide or lead poisoning could be a premises liability issue. Perhaps the owner of a hotel failed to provide a working carbon monoxide detector, or never removed the antique drywall covered in lead paint. The owner of the property is responsible for making sure their premises are up to state and federal safety standards.  In the case of an overdose or medication interaction, that could be considered medical malpractice or the pharmaceutical or dietary supplement manufacturer could be liable. If a doctor prescribed the victim two different medications that are known to react toxically together, that is medical malpractice. The same goes for if the medications were prescribed by two different doctors and the doctor prescribing the second medication knew that the patient was already prescribed the first.  Drug manufacturers must list proper warnings and side effects on their products and website. Pharmaceutical drug liability can be difficult to determine since even if the drug is defective or dangerous there is still an intermediary or two between the manufacturer and the patient. It is also the doctor and pharmacist's duty to warn the patient about the medication's risks. 

What To Do When Poisoned

If you or a loved one accidentally ingest or are exposed to a poisonous substance you should contact the Poison Control Center immediately. Most poisoning cases can be monitored and treated at home, but only Poison Control can tell you how to safely treat it. If the victim is unconscious, bleeding, or frothing at the mouth, call an ambulance right away. In either scenario, it is vital to know what toxin to which the victim was exposed.  If the poisoning happened on someone else’s property, whether at a hotel, or work, or if it was the result of a landlord’s negligence the property owner may be liable. Medical bills from a serious poisoning injury can be very expensive, and you deserve financial compensation. If the poisoning was from a medication pharmaceutical product liability is a very complex issue and these cases require thorough investigation.  If you or a loved one has been injured by a prescribed medication or suffered from an accidental poisoning you should call an attorney right away to help you gather the evidence you need to make your case. Our experienced lawyers at Bloom Legal are ready to help you file your claim, call 504-599-9997 today to schedule a free consultation!

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