Misdemeanors, Article 893

In the state of Louisiana, certain misdemeanors must undergo the expunging process used for felony arrests.  These misdemeanor charges include:

  • Aggravated assault; 14:37
  • Battery of School Teacher; 14:34.3
  • Battery of a Police Officer; 14:34.2

These offenses, coupled with all other felonies, can be subject to expunging after a period of time lapses between the arrest and request for expunge Louisiana arrest records.  Additionally, felonies and the aforementioned misdemeanor arrests require a hearing with the state of Louisiana District Attorney, as well as the presentation of contradictory statements to the expunging motions from arresting law organizations.  With expunging of felonies and these misdemeanors, the records will be restricted from public access; however, law enforcement is not expressly required to destroy all records relating to the arrest.

Louisiana state laws provide for the expunging of felonies, whether occurring in Orleans Parish, Jefferson Parish, or anywhere in the state of Louisiana, under the provisions of Article 893.  Article 893 of Louisiana law pertains to the ability of individuals to acquire expungement of their criminal convictions with the counsel and representation of an attorney.  Bloom Legal regularly assists clients in removing felony convictions, investigations, and proceedings from their records, which is essential in maintaining any form of employment and reputability in the legal system.  When filing for an Article 893 expungement, individuals must file in the parish of their arrest, which may include Orleans Parish, Jefferson Parish, or any one of the other 64 parishes in the state of Louisiana.

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