Understand the Impact of Underage Drinking

If you are under the age of 21 and are holding an alcoholic drink, you could receive a citation as a minor in possession of alcohol. In some cases, you could receive this citation even if you were not consuming the beverage and were simply holding it for a friend or relative.

When you or your child is given a citation, summons or ticket for the offense of a minor in possession (MIP), you need to be proactive as serious consequences can arise from a conviction.

Do not simply pay the fine or plead guilty until you have spoken with a New Orleans criminal defense law firm. Bloom Legal can help you understand the impact of a MIP conviction and can assist you in exploring your options for responding to this charge.

New Orleans Laws on Minor in Possession of Alcohol

It is common for undercover police officers to visit the French Quarter, as well as the areas around local bars and colleges, in order to identify under-aged individuals consuming alcohol. Whether you live in the New Orleans area or are visiting, you could find yourself caught up in a police operation and receiving a ticket for minor in possession even if you have not really done anything wrong.

This ticket or citation is more serious than a traffic ticket. Minor in possession is a misdemeanor offense. If convicted, you could have a criminal record of the conviction that affects your future education and job opportunities. Simply paying the fine is an admission of guilt and is the same as being convicted of the offense, thus putting a misdemeanor crime on your criminal record.

Because of the potential consequences of a minor in possession conviction, you should not delay in contacting a New Orleans criminal defense law firm if you or your child is charged. The laws in New Orleans allow your attorney to represent you in absentia, which means that if you live out of town you may not even need to return to New Orleans to defend against the charges.

Your attorney can help you understand the best approach to take, whether it involves negotiating a plea deal, entering a diversion program to avoid a criminal record, attempting to get the charges dismissed or going to trial. Your lawyer will look out for you, evaluate your situation and work towards achieving the best possible outcome.

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A MIP case may be dismissed if you can raise viable defenses, participate in a diversion program, or negotiate a plea deal with a prosecutor. If your case goes to trial, you can be found guilty only if the prosecutor proves the elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

Bloom Legal has successfully represented many clients facing minor in possession of alcohol charges and we will put our legal experience to work to help you to resolve your case quickly, effectively and in a way that minimizes the damage to your finances and future. Call us today to speak with a member of our legal team to learn more: 504-599-9997.

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