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Felonies are the most serious types of crimes in the American legal system and have the most severe and far-reaching effects on those convicted of them. If you have been charged with a felony, it is of the utmost importance that you do everything you can to minimize its potentially devastating consequences on your life. Read on for more information about what felonies are and what penalties they entail. For more information about any of the information presented herein, please contact a New Orleans felony lawyer.

What Constitutes a Felony in Louisiana?

A felony in Louisiana, according to the official definition, is any crime for which an offender may be sentenced to death or imprisonment at hard labor. In practice, the term “felony” is generally used to refer to any crime that carries a penalty of least one year in jail, a fine of over $1,000, or both. As such, felonies generally are more serious crimes than misdemeanors. In Louisiana, the crimes that fall into the felony category include:

  • Murder and manslaughter
  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Violent crimes (i.e., aggravated assault and battery)
  • Battery of a police officer
  • Treason
  • Kidnapping
  • Arson
  • Home invasion
  • Certain drug crimes
  • Certain theft crimes
  • Certain weapons crimes
  • Certain DWI convictions

Some crimes are not always either misdemeanors or felonies, as more serious versions of certain misdemeanor crimes or repeated offenses can rise to the level of felonies. For example, first and second convictions for domestic abuse battery in Louisiana are misdemeanors, but a third conviction and all subsequent convictions are felonies with increasing penalties. Similarly, criminal damage of property worth less than $1,000 is a misdemeanor, while criminal damage of property worth over $50,000 is a felony.

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Felony Convictions Have Serious Consequences

Being convicted of a felony can have devastating results on the convicted individual’s life. Jail time and fines are the most obvious impacts, but felons continue to suffer the consequences of their convictions long after they have served their time. Felony convictions have many collateral consequences in Louisiana and nationwide, including:

  • Loss of the right to vote
  • Loss of the right to hold elected office
  • Loss the right to own a firearm
  • Restrictions on professional licenses
  • Ineligibility for public benefits
  • Ineligibility to serve as a juror

Felony convictions can also have many unofficial collateral consequences. They often make it hard for the convicted to find housing, as many landlords are reluctant to rent apartments to felons. And a felony conviction can be devastating for the convicted person’s career, since many employers will not hire applicants with felony convictions. This is particularly true in regulated professions such as medicine, law, aviation, and education, where a felony conviction may prevent the applicant from obtaining a license to practice or losing his or her existing license.

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