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YouTube Must-Sees As Viacom Sues Google – More Cowbell!!!!

Posted on Jul 16, 2007 in Courts, Legislation, National Issues

morecowbell.jpgViacom has sued Google for $1,000,000,000.00 (yep, a billion dollars) for copyright infringement because YouTube has stuff on it from shows Viacom owns.  Google says No Problemo:  they’re complying with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. What’s at stake?  Stuff like this:

More Cowbell – Will Ferrell, Saturday Night Live (the real, unedited version)

David Letterman – Diet Coke and Mentos

WWE Superstar Mr. Kennedy Discusses Chris Benoit on FOX News

Hilary Duff Performing on So You Think You Can Dance 7/12/07

Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back video

Borat Interview – David Letterman

The Best of Stewie – Family Guy

The Sport Jerks Reel – Comedy Central

Saturday Night Live – Nancy Grace

Saturday Night Live – 90s clips

The Simpsons Do Hamlet

The Simpsons: Best of Ralph Wiggum

and of course, homespun favorites like ….

Talking Dogs

The Evolution of Dance

Amazing Guitar

Sources:  http://www.mediainfocenter.org/story.asp?story_id=108404435; http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,289230,00.html

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