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What Should You Do After Receiving a New Orleans Traffic Ticket?

Posted on Mar 16, 2018 in Speeding Tickets, Traffic

If a New Orleans police officer hands you a traffic ticket after pulling you over, the first thing you’ll likely do is drive away, cursing under your breath and lamenting how much this just ruined your day. But once you get over the immediate frustration or annoyance of receiving a New Orleans traffic ticket, you’ll still have to deal with the situation. You have important decisions to make and actions you need to take. What you do – or don’t do – can have a huge impact on your wallet and your time. Here are four steps you should take after being issued a New Orleans traffic ticket:
  • Think about it. Before you resign yourself to your fate and pony up the money to pay the ticket, understand that there are repercussions to doing so. Paying the fine also means admitting that you were guilty of the infraction, just as if you were standing in a courtroom before a judge who reached the same conclusion. But tickets on your driving record may result in costly insurance premiums and points on your license. They can eventually lead to a suspended license or bench warrant for your arrest. Make sure that you understand all of these possible consequences before you take what on the surface appears to be the easy way out.
  • Take notes. If you believe that the officer got it wrong and that you did not violate the law, write down your thoughts and take pictures of everything relevant to the alleged infraction and what was happening at the time. This can include details such as your location, your speed, traffic signs/signals, road conditions, and so on. If you want to fight your ticket, you’ll want to have as much evidence as possible to do so, and contemporaneous notes and pictures are better than fading memories.
  • Don’t forget about it. It can be easy in your immediate frustration to shove your ticket in your glove compartment or desk drawer and simply not think about it. But not thinking about it can lead to forgetting about it. In turn, forgetting about it can make your bad situation even worse. Failing to pay or contest a traffic citation can cost you more in fines, do further damage to your driving record and, as noted, can even result in a warrant for your arrest in some circumstances. There are relatively short time limits for responding to a New Orleans traffic ticket so don’t delay.
  • Call a New Orleans traffic ticket attorney. It may seem like a traffic violation is a minor matter that shouldn’t require a lawyer. But that’s not always the case. The smartest, savviest, and most cost-effective solution to a traffic ticket problem in New Orleans is to hire an experienced attorney to fight on your behalf. Having an attorney handling your ticket can keep your fines to a minimum, insurance premiums low, and driving record clean.

Bloom Legal: Our New Orleans Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Help

At Bloom Legal, we make working with New Orleans traffic ticket attorneys easy. We will handle as much of your case as we can via phone in order to make the process simple and easy. Our lawyers can even attend court on your behalf. We help our clients resolve their traffic tickets with ease, whether you live locally or were ticketed while visiting the area. Contact Bloom Legal for help with fighting your ticket. We are extremely qualified to handle any legal situation. At Bloom Legal we take pride in fighting aggressively to keep you safe and legal on the road.

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