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TSA Opt-Out Day Never Takes Off

Posted on Nov 24, 2010 in National Issues

There has been a lot of controversy over the TSA’s new guidelines on airport security measures. The new guidelines state that some passengers will be chosen for a full body scan, and if they refuse, will receive an “enhanced” pat down procedure which is more time consuming. [caption id="attachment_1373" align="alignright" width="138"] Photo Courtesy of nydailynews.com[/caption] Critics of the new rules and of the invasive full body scan declared today national “opt-out day” in which everyone would refuse the full body scan and receive an enhanced pat down. However, practicality won the day, and most travelers chose to move through security as quickly as possible rather than to stand up against the new measures. Most airports are reporting very few opt-outs and very short wait times. Even though the average person does not seem to mind, the media has been unable to talk about anything else. One traveler commented on how un-invasive the pat down was compared to what the media had made it out to be. The pseudo-scandal has made it all the way to the top and received an SNL parody this past weekend. We’d like to remind everyone to travel safe and to enjoy their time at home.

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