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Traveling with Pending Charges

Posted on Feb 24, 2014 in Drugs, DUI/DWI

When you have criminal charges pending against you, you probably have a lot of questions about what those charges mean. While many of your concerns may focus on what the arrest means for your future, it is also important to understand what you can - and cannot- do while trial is pending. As explained in the video Traveling with Pending Charges, one of the top questions that clients have for a New Orleans criminal defense lawyer is whether it is OK to travel out-of-state with charges pending. The answer is, it depends upon the specifics of the charges you are facing and the court orders that are in effect.

Rules for Traveling with Pending Criminal Charges

When you are arrested, you may be charged with a felony or with a misdemeanor. Felonies are much more serious crimes and you can go to prison for longer than a one year period if you are convicted. Misdemeanors can still be serious and can result in a criminal record, fines and jail time- but a misdemeanor does not carry the same legal weight as a felony. Knowing which of the two types of crimes you are charged with is important in determining the rules for travel with pending charges. That’s because you are usually free to travel throughout the U.S. if you have a misdemeanor charge pending against you. However, for most pending felony charges, there are travel restrictions in place. When you are facing felony charges, you likely will be required to remain within the jurisdiction where the case is pending. The boundaries of the jurisdiction might be the entire state of Louisiana or may extend only as far as the local parish where you are being tried for a criminal act. Being required to remain in the parish or the state can create serious problems if you were arrested while visiting New Orleans from out of state. However, a New Orleans criminal defense lawyer can file a motion to leave the jurisdiction in order for you to get permission to go home. Understanding the travel restrictions that you are subject to is essential, because if you violate those restrictions, the consequences could be very serious. In some cases, a violation of travel restrictions prior to your trial could result in you being taken into custody and required to remain incarcerated until the trial occurs or a plea deal is reached. Taking this chance is not worth it. The only way to know for sure what travel restrictions you are subject to is to review the specifics of your bail order or of the court restrictions that have been placed on you. A New Orleans criminal defense lawyer can review your case for you and provide you with the information you need.   Watch Traveling with Pending Charges today to get more details about restrictions on travel after a New Orleans arrest, and contact an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible to have your case evaluated.

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Mr. Bloom has been practicing law for a decade and a half and can provide counsel, advice and answer questions in a direct video call with you. Click the button below to book a video chat with Seth!

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