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Traffic ticket breakdown from Bloom Legal LLC

Posted on Aug 17, 2015 in Traffic

Nearly 41 million speeding tickets are issues each year in the United States. Breaking down this statistic means that every minute 78 drivers are cited with speeding tickets, averaging about $150 in fines. That’s an estimated $615 million that cities and states are collecting in revenue each year. These amounts are astounding, but did you now that not every speeding ticket that is issued is legal? Or that the accumulation of these seemingly benign speeding tickets can lead to a suspension of your driver’s license? While speeding tickets may feel like petty nuisance, there is important information that you need to be aware of to ensure your rights have not been violated, should you receive a speeding citation. In the state of Louisiana, occasionally a speeding or moving violation may require your appearance in court, where many people will simply pay their fines and court costs, without realizing the consequences of this payment. Paying a speeding ticket is an admission of guilt and an admission of guilt to the alleged charges can result in a loss of your finances through court costs, fine payments, insurance increases and, in some scenarios, the loss of occupational opportunities, as some jobs require a perfect driving record. A traffic citation will be marked on your driving record and the accumulation of points can result in driving suspensions or in severe cases with the loss of your driver’s license. These consequences illustrate why it is strongly recommended that if you have received a speeding citation, especially more than one in the course of a year or less, you consult an experienced speeding ticket attorney. Bloom Legal located in the Greater New Orleans area has been helping people fight speeding citations for over ten years. We realize not every ticket has been fairly issued and investigations and challenges on some citations are necessary and occasionally result in a dismissal of charges. An example of a questionable citation could stem from a speeding ticket that is issued along an elevated stretch of road from LaPlace to Kenner, known as the notorious St. Charles Parish Speed Trap. While most speed traps are legal, the St. Charles Parish Speed Trap is disputed as state trooper and local police officers are known to hide near a bridge exit and use the revenue received from the speeding citations as a means of additional income for their parish. If it is found that a parish is not giving excess revenue to the state from citations issued to drivers while traveling under a 10mph speed limit excess, then the speed trap become illegal and the validity of your speeding ticket can be reasonably questioned and dismissed. Unfortunately, the majority of speeding tickets do not result from a speed traps and an experienced attorney is necessary to help dismiss or mitigate the effects that can result from a speeding ticket conviction. Many people mistakenly believe that the cost of paying an attorney to represent you and fight the legality of your ticket will cost more than paying the mandated fines, but they would be surprised to discover, that this is often not the case. New Orleans drivers are well aware they already pay some of the country’s highest rates for insurance and just one speeding ticket can increase their rates by 22 percent. This cost has the ability to fluctuate even higher if you’ve received multiple tickets in a short amount of time. Additionally, insurance companies examine various factors in you life, such as home ownership, age, and or martial statue, when factoring how much they will raise your rates after a traffic ticket. Occasionally, traffic tickets will also mandate a necessary court appearance, which requires you pay a court fee, in addition to the imposed fine. Attending a court appearance can be costly as it results in time away from work, which means a loss of wages and travel time. If you should happen to receive a traffic ticket while visiting New Orleans, you can expect to take even more of a financial loss, as you must factor in travel time and possibly even an overnight visit. The skilled attorneys at Bloom Legal can go to court and fight your traffic ticket for you, saving you time and money. An experienced traffic ticket lawyer is able to not only save you time and money, but they also have the potential make certain your ticket is either reduced or dismissed. Ours years of practice has gifted the attorneys at Bloom Legal with a strong knowledge of the ins and out of how to beat traffic tickets and the necessary steps that need to have been followed to ensure the legitimacy of your traffic ticket. We know that the appearance of a traffic ticket attorney does intimate prosecutors and only an attorney has the ability to negotiate a reduction of your charge or a complete dismissal of your ticket. In circumstances, where people hold a job that requires a clean driving record, this service becomes an invaluable advantage as Bloom Legal traffic ticket attorneys can work to safeguard your future. Because traffic citations can accumulate, in instances where an individual has been cited with multiple tickets in a short amount of time, we recommend that you immediately consult an attorney to avoid a suspension of your license. As the accrual of multiple citations can be very damaging to your freedom, the sooner an attorney can begin examining the circumstances of your must recent citation, the better are your chances for a dismissal or reduction of charges and the more likely you will be able to retain your driver’s license. If you or someone you know has recently been charged with a driving citation, it is recommended that you consult the experienced traffic attorneys at Bloom Legal. We will listen to your case, investigate the facts surrounding your citation and fight to guarantee the reduction or dismissal of your charges. We understand traffic tickets and our years of experience can work to help you so that a common mistake shouldn’t burden and negatively impact your life. Contact Bloom Legal today at 504-265-9755 or email us directly at info@bloomlegal.com.

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