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Three More Weird Personal Injury Cases

Posted on Jun 29, 2020 in Personal Injury

Last month we covered some of the strangest personal injury cases. When a person is injured due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another, they may seek compensation for their injuries and damages. Typical injuries may include from traffic accidents, workplace injuries, or hotel injuries, just to name a few examples. However, negligence and wrongdoing are legal terms that can cover a variety of behavior and circumstances. And proving that they occurred in a court of law is its own beast. Today we’ll take a look at three more folks who pursued some unorthodox (to say the least) injury claims.

Too Much Fear Factor

Fear Factor is a TV show that gained a reputation for disturbing and grossing out its viewers. The whole premise of the show is that contestants undergo increasingly daring and disgusting stunts to win money. One viewer, however, felt that the show went too far with a segment where contestants were made to drink blended-up rats. Upon viewing it, Austin Aitken alleges he became dizzy and lightheaded. He vomited, and in his disorientation, ran into a doorway. For his pain and suffering, Aitken sued the show Fear Factor for the tune of 2.5 million. Pretty steep ask—even the guy that ate the blended rats was only competing for $50,000! Aitken’s case was thrown out by a judge.

Walmart Helps Man Save Money On Hip Replacement

Back in 2016, a man went to Walmart a decided to get a watermelon. The watermelons were in a large box sitting atop a pallet in the middle of the produce section. The 59-year-old selected his watermelon, but as he was trying to pull it out his foot got snagged on the pallet and he fell. The fall broke his hip. A broken hip requires expensive surgery and extensive healing. The injured man and his personal injury lawyer sued Walmart, claiming that they acted negligently by not warning customers about the protruding pallet. Security footage showing other customers tripping on the same pallet provided powerful evidence to their claim. The victim was eventually awarded $7.5 million in damages.

What’s the Real Price of Beauty?

In St. Louis, a woman sued a beauty salon after a hair straightening procedure went wrong. The hair stylist applied a relaxer. Later that night, the victim claims, her hair began falling out in clumps. Her personal injury claim stated that the hair loss left her depressed and caused her to retire early from her job, resulting in loss of wages. Evidence for her claim was supplemented by testimony from the victim’s daughter and her psychiatrist. She was awarded a $6000 settlement for her pain and suffering.

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