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St. Charles Parish Traffic Tickets

Posted on Jul 1, 2013 in Personal Injury

People always ask, “Why would I need help with a traffic ticket?” or “Would it be worth it to hire an attorney in order to defend a simple traffic ticket?” Surprisingly, hiring a traffic ticket attorney in Louisiana is often a cheaper alternative to paying the ticket. In addition, many drivers don’t realize that the act of paying a ticket is an admission of guilt, which in most cases leads to an increase in insurance rates (increasing as much as 20% for 2-3 years). This means if a driver pays $2,000 a year for insurance, paying a $400 traffic ticket could result in upwards of $1200 more in yearly insurance fees. That’s why it’s always important to call a local traffic attorney before paying that $200-500 fine. Bloom Legal LLC is based in New Orleans, but also represents residents of St. Charles Parish, a small area North of Orleans Parish including the cities of Destrehan, Hahnville, and Des Allemonds. Despite it’s abbreviated, suburban makeup, a large percentage of traffic tickets in the New Orleans Metropolitan area come from St. Charles. St. Charles Parish owns a important piece of real estate on I-10 that links Baton Rouge with New Orleans, and all traffic flowing East-West/West-East across the country (for example, from Jacksonville, Florida to California) must go through I-10. This makes St. Charles Parish an important piece of real estate for law enforcement officials; Parish officers are very present on this strip of road, and make a lot of money handing out tickets to those passing through. If you or someone you know received a ticket in St. Charles Parish, give Bloom Legal a call today (504-599-9997) for your consultation. Hiring Seth Bloom as your traffic lawyer will most often be cheaper than paying the fine, and Bloom is an expert at getting tickets dismissed completely, or getting them modified down to a non-moving violation (avoiding points on drivers license). Bloom Legal is a boutique law firm located in downtown New Orleans that fully services traffic tickets all over St. Charles Parish. In addition to traffic tickets, Bloom Legal LLC also handles DWIs, criminal defense, and personal injury (auto accidents resulting in injury at the fault or negligence of someone else) in St. Charles Parish. Please give Bloom Legal a call today (504-599-9997) and mention this article for your consultation.

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