Slidell Proposes Allowing Drive-Through Alcohol Sales

Posted on Feb 9, 2011 in DUI/DWI, Local Issues

In 1966 the Slidell City Council banned the use of, “drive-up windows and/or drive-through buildings… for any commercial establishment selling and/or dealing in alcoholic beverages.” But now after nearly 45 years, the city known for its conservative alcohol policies will consider repealing the ordinance.

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Two local Slidell businessmen approached public officials to discuss the aging policy. One owns a daiquiri shop and the other a convenience store which plans to sell other goods in addition to alcohol through the drive-through. Talks have gone well, and the businessmen have gathered considerable momentum for their idea, including support from the mayor.

New Orleans and many other nearby parishes already allow the sale of alcohol from drive-through windows. A drive-through convenience store is located on Veterans and Bonnabel in Jefferson Parish, and daiquiri shops are spread throughout the city.

If the old ordinance is lifted, drivers must still abide by Louisiana’s open container law which prohibits any open alcoholic beverage from being kept in the passenger area of a car. A daiquiri is considered “closed” until a straw is inserted into the cup or the lid is removed. If you or anyone you know has been charged with violating the state’s open container law, immediate legal defense is needed to preserve your rights and to maintain the ability to effectively fight your charges. Contact Bloom Legal at 599-9997 for a, no obligation consultation.

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    we own Andome’s Daiquiris in Bogalusa and yes we have a drive thru window and we wouldn’t have it any other is because we don’t have the problems that a bar has because we don’t alow drinking on premise. not that we can’t but we choose not to because it helps to keep trouble free that way. two is we serve a wider range of nationalties that way that you would never be able to put in one place and they all get along. this way every body gets along great because it’s a get it an go tpye of business. if the person that buys alcohol wants to break the law that is on them and there going to do so no matter where they got it..its the same if they walk in a store and walk back to there car and open a beer or what ever? whats the difference at how they buy it? a door and or a window..and if any one thinks that a drive thru will stop or curb people that do drink an drive is highly mistaken because it will not..

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