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Ronal Serpas Issues Proposed Reforms for Corrupt NOPD Detail Program

Posted on May 16, 2011 in Personal Injury

Following the recent exposure in the news media of corrupt practices within the NOPD of paying off-duty police officers detail wages for monitoring the city's traffic camera program, Police Superintendent, Ronal Serpas, has issued proposed reforms to end the practice. [caption id="attachment_2013" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo Courtesy of Nola.com[/caption] The traffic camera program was originally administered by the city's Department of Public Works but that practice was found to violate the city charter and provided no actual legal recourse to individuals receiving tickets. (Violations were screened by an administrative panel functioning within the Department of Public Works). When the program was transferred over to the administration of the NOPD slightly more than one year ago, rather than employing on-duty police officers to oversee the program as official police business, the administration structured the program to pay off-duty officers additional wages at the city's expense for monitoring the traffic citations. After the investigation through which the city inspector general originally revealed this practice, 8th District Police Commander, Edwin Hosli (a close friend of Serpas), was placed on suspension along with Department of Public Works Director, Robert Mendoza. Serpas' proposed reforms for the administration of the program include: Eliminating direct payments to detail officers from employers. Setting detail pay uniformly based on rank Mandating a 6 hour rest period between NOPD shifts and detail shifts Capping weekly work hours for officers at 76 hours (including detail, overtime, and regular shifts) For the full list of Superintendent Serpas' reforms, visit NOLA.com

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