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Pot Enthusiasts Gather Across the Country to Celebrate “4/20”

Posted on Apr 20, 2012 in Drugs, Legislation, National Issues

[caption id="attachment_2895" align="alignnone" width="453" caption="Pot smokers gather to celebrate 4/20"][/caption] Students and others across the country have long observed April 20 as a day to celebrate marijuana. Here are some questions and answers about the counterculture holiday and the state of marijuana in the United States: WHO CELEBRATES? The observation is shared by marijuana users all across the country. In 2011, some 10,000 people gathered at the University of Colorado-Boulder to simultaneously smoke marijuana. This year, the university is shutting down a campus quad that hosts the annual 4/20 gathering. A rally is planned for Denver near the state capitol on Friday and Saturday. Police have suggested they'll be taking a hands-off approach to the gathering, which could draw tens of thousands of people. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? The number 420 has been associated with marijuana use for decades, though its origins are muddied. Its use as code for marijuana spread among California pot users in the 1960s and spread nationwide among followers of the Grateful Dead. Like most counterculture slang, theories abound on its origin. Some say it was once police code in Southern California to denote marijuana use (probably an urban legend). Others trace it to a group of California teenagers who would meet at 4:20 p.m. to search for weed. Above all else, though, the name stuck because its meaning eluded pesky parents and law enforcement officials. WHERE IS IT LEGAL? In 1996, a ballot measure made California the first state to legalize medical marijuana. Sixteen states now allow the use of medicinal marijuana. HOW MANY STATES ARE CONSIDERING LEGALIZING POT? Two states - Colorado and Washington - are considering legalizing pot for recreational purposes. WHERE DOES THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT STAND? Marijuana use, sale and possession are illegal under federal law. If you have been charged with possession of marijuana, call Bloom Legal immediately at 504-599-9997 for a case evaluation and expert help.

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