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Police Ticket Kids for Good Deeds

Posted on Jan 18, 2010 in National Issues

When's the last time you heard of people lining up to receive tickets from the police? Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers have become popular with the children of Vancouver after instituting an innovative program that Richmond RCMP Superintendent Ward Clapham says is meant to "catch kids doing good". Officers participating in the so-called Positive Tickets program have issued more than 50,000 citations for "doing the right thing", with tickets for wearing bicycle helmets, having excellent attendance records, or mentoring groups of younger children. The tickets are then redeemable for admission to skate parks, movie theaters, or sporting events. The program has been a great success so far, with a huge 41% drop in youth crime! Unfortunately, the NOPD has yet to institute any similar program, so you're still unlikely to receive any Pat-on-the-Back tickets in the Crescent City. If you do find yourself stuck with a less heartwarming ticket, remember that Bloom Legal is here to help! Call today for a consultation!

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