Medical Marijuana Expansion in Louisiana: What To Know

Jun 18, 2018 - Drugs by Seth Bloom

The Louisiana legislature recently expanded and revised the state’s medical marijuana laws. State law previously permitted doctors to issue physicians’ recommendation for cannabis to treat certain conditions, but made no provisions for patients to legally […]

So Your License is Suspended—Now What?

Jun 15, 2018 - Courts by Seth Bloom

Having your license suspended can be a huge hindrance on your day-to-day life, from getting to work to going grocery shopping. If you find yourself in this position there are a few things you’ll want […]

What To Do When You Get Pulled Over

Jun 13, 2018 - Criminal Defense by Seth Bloom

You’re driving along minding your own business when you see those red and blue flashing lights pop up in your rearview. For almost anyone, getting pulled over by the police can be an anxiety-inducing situation. […]

Gun Violence

Mar 12, 2018 - Uncategorized by Seth Bloom

With the recent national debate regarding gun control, gun violence and gun laws in general have come to the forefront. Violent crimes in New Orleans are consistently a concern for the community, however, gun violence […]



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