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OPP Prepares for Hurricane Season

Posted on Jun 11, 2010 in Local Issues, NOPD

On Wednesday, the Orleans Parish Criminal Sherriff Marlin Gusman announced the new plans following a call for mandatory evacuation in the city of New Orleans. The prisoners detained at Orleans Parish Prison will be transferred immediately to another location, before contraflow is even implemented. With the number of detainees at over 3,000, it is necessary to be prepared to transfer the prisoners to another location in an orderly fashion if such an event shall occur during this hurricane season. The events following Hurricane Katrina five years ago helped inspire this new evacuation plan, because the result of a late evacuation and loss of information lead to many doing time without even being convicted in other state prisons. There are many lessons to be learned from that catastrophic event, and this certainly is one of them. Gusman plans to be ahead of the game with the new plan, which includes a strong system in keeping track of the prisoners while they are evacuated. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail, and with an organized agenda for such a circumstance, it seems that the Orleans Parish Prison will be ready if any hurricane shall head in the city’s direction.

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