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New Orleans Adds 9 New Traffic Cameras – What To Look Out For

Posted on Jul 27, 2010 in Local Issues, Traffic

This month, New Orleans saw the addition of nine Traffic Enforcement Cameras to the already dozens in place throughout the city. This means that local drivers must be ever more vigilant about speeding and obeying traffic signals. The New Orleans Public Works Department has issued figures indicating that the installation of traffic enforcement cameras has been effective in greatly reducing the number of moving violations issued by the city on a daily basis. While this is certainly a positive result, one cannot help but to wonder if the installation of new cameras has anything to do with the need to recoup the enormous deficit that city’s budget has been running over the past year. Whatever your opinion on the presence of greater numbers of Traffic Enforcement Cameras throughout the city; with tickets for running red lights pegged at $145 and speeding tickets ranging from $80 to $145 (as well as a $75 fee for late payment!) it pays to be aware of the location of the newly targeted areas: Henry Clay @ Coliseum - Both Directions City Park Ave @ Canal Blvd - Westbound N Rampart @ Esplanade - Southbound Wisner @ Harrison - Both Directions Harrison @ Marconi Dr - Westbound Traffic tickets can significantly hike up your auto insurance rates which is why you should always consult with a traffic defense attorney before agreeing to pay any fees or fines. Contact Bloom Legal (504-599-997) to have them represent you the next time you have a traffic violation in Orleans or Jefferson Parish or anywhere else in the state of Louisiana. In many of the cases you will never have to go to court, saving you valuable time. The time and money wasted on paying or pleading guilty to traffic tickets can be avoided by hiring a traffic defense attorney. Most cases can be handled by phone and via e-mail so no attorney office visit is necessary.

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