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Do You Need a New Orleans Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

Posted on May 17, 2016 in Speeding Tickets, Traffic

Even the most cautious driver occasionally makes a mistake or bad choice when driving, which can lead to a traffic ticket. However, sometimes even just a traffic ticket can have severe consequences in New Orleans. You do not always need to hire an attorney, but in matters of reckless driving, speeding or DWI/DUI, the consequences (especially for second or subsequent offenses) can be quite severe. In such cases, you can benefit from the help of skilled New Orleans traffic lawyers.

Possible Consequences of Louisiana Traffic Tickets

Some traffic infractions in New Orleans are serious and in addition to stiff fines, you may face a suspension of your license and even jail time. Even after the immediate harm, you will be assessed points on your license and you might have future employment consequences and higher insurance rates. If you did receive a traffic citation, you may want to at least consult with a traffic ticket lawyer to see if there are any alternatives, before pleading guilty and paying fines.

Diversion, Reduction, and Dismissal

Some Louisiana courts offer a diversion program to eligible drivers for certain traffic violations. If the program is successfully completed, the case is often dismissed, which typically means no fines, no insurance rate increases, and the violation will not appear on your driving record. There might be a small fee for using the diversion program, but it is nominal. Even if you are not eligible for diversion, you may be eligible for a reduction in charges, which at least can help get a moving violation, like a speeding ticket, reduced to an equipment violation, which is a non-moving, civil penalty. Moving violations need to be reported to your insurance company, but equipment violations do not. Finally, in some cases, we may be able to secure an outright dismissal of the traffic ticket.

Traffic Tickets in Orleans Parish

When you get a traffic ticket, the next step in the process will be explained on the ticket. You might be allowed to pay the fine by mail, however, you should be aware that paying a fine is an admission of guilt. Please note that the record of the citation may appear on your driving record, which may, in turn, increase your insurance rates and disqualify you from any job that requires a clean driving record.

Call Bloom Legal

The team at Bloom Legal has contested and fought traffic tickets on behalf of hundreds of clients. Our skilled and effective team can defend you in New Orleans and the surrounding areas no matter what the reason for your traffic citation. Call 504-599-9997 to schedule your initial consultation and let us help you fight your traffic ticket with minimal blowback.

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