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Narcotics Officer Arrested for DUI after Wreck

Posted on Mar 25, 2011 in DUI/DWI, Local Issues

Police responded to a traffic accident on Old Spanish Trail to find a fellow officer already at the scene. The driver of one vehicle was an undercover narcotics officer for St. Tammany Parish who could not pass a breathalyzer test. [caption id="attachment_1835" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo Courtesy of nvo.com[/caption] The officer’s name and picture are not being released as it could endanger his family and fellow undercover agents. Despite his anonymity, he has resigned from his post in order to preempt termination. Given the nature of his job, the sheriff’s office could not ignore any indication of substance abuse or dependency. The tandem of criminal charges and resignation is necessary but unfortunate as this was a first offense DUI and no one was injured. The officer will be paying for his mistake for a very long time. If you or anyone you know is arrested for DUI, hopefully the charge will not have long term effects on your professional and personal life. To reduce the damage as much as possible, it is important to hire an experienced, skilled defense lawyer. Contact Bloom Legal at 504-599-9997, to arrange a, no obligation consultation.

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