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LSU Almost Made It Through Arrest Season Unscathed

Posted on Aug 31, 2016 in Criminal Defense

For those in the college sports world, the time between the end of spring games and the beginning of pre-season, roughly May 1st to August 1st, is known as the arrest season. This is the time of the year when many college athletes find ways to get themselves into trouble with the law.

Summer Means Restless Athletes

Whether it’s from too little structure, to too much time on their hands (or a combination of both), it seems that many otherwise stellar athletes have difficulty channeling their energy in a productive manner during the summer break. At the halfway point, roughly the middle of June, Louisiana State University (LSU) had high hopes of making it through the summer season without any arrests. Last year, there were nine arrests in the second half of the summer, four of which happened on the same day. Not a great way to roll into preseason. The fact that it’s been four years since LSU has made it through an arrest season un-handcuffed increased the expectation that this might be the comeback year. Unfortunately, it seems that this won’t be the year after all. Despite increased screening and heightened background checks during the recruitment process—as much as much as the law will allow for minors—all it takes is one night gone wrong to ruin the clean streak. In late July, LSU had two players arrested for separate incidents: one for suspicion of operating a vehicle while impaired and the other for attempted simple robbery, simple battery. Additionally, on August 10th, a video was released of two LSU players potentially fighting in the streets. Although university sources claim the pair was just playing around, not everyone is so convinced. It may be a good thing that preseason is starting and these athletes will be back to training. Student-athlete behavior has come under fire recently, as more and more news stories cover sexual assault and other crimes committed by student-athletes, both during summer vacation and during the sports season. As a result, the ways in which athletes are recruited and the standards held for them are coming under scrutiny by coaches and recruiters around the country.

We Can Help You Navigate Your Case

While it is always our hope that these young men will make smart choices during their free time, we also understand that there are situations that can spin out of control before anyone can stop them. Even the best intentions may not work out as planned and athletes may find themselves facing unexpected convictions. If you or someone you care about has just been charged, we are here to help. As a New Orleans criminal defense law firm, we understand how to navigate complex legal issues. Feel free to contact Bloom Legal, LLC today so we can help you determine the next steps to take that will help you move forward with your life.

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