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Louisiana Could Reduce Crash Risks with Better Safety Laws

Posted on Apr 8, 2015 in Personal Injury

Traffic regulations can have a significant impact on the likelihood of a New Orleans motor vehicle accident occurring. The Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety have assembled a list of recommended regulations intended to make the roads of Louisiana as safe as possible. States have adopted recommended regulations to varying degrees and each year, the Advocates publish a summary of progress that has been made in passing important safety rules. This year’s report, the 2015 Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws, shows there is ample room for the state of Louisiana to improve when it comes to crash prevention. Although Louisiana may be lacking in some important rules, the state does require all drivers to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner. A driver who is negligent or unreasonably careless can become responsible for compensating victims of collisions. An auto accident attorney in the New Orleans area can provide advice and legal representation to collision victims who need help recovering monetary damages for a crash. Reducing New Orleans Accident Risks with Road Safety Laws Louisiana has received a rating of “Green” by the Advocates, which means that the state has made significant advancements in passing the safety rules and regulations that are recommended. However, there are still many ways in which lawmakers could make the roads of New Orleans safer. Louisiana has passed 9 out of 15 recommended rules designed to reduce crash risks. These regulations include primary enforcement seat belt laws for front and rear drivers, as well as a child endangerment law when adults make careless driving choices with a minor in the car. The regulations that Louisiana still has yet to pass that the Advocates believe are important include: • A law requiring that children ride in booster seats in vehicles until they are at least seven years of age • A requirement that teenagers be at least 16 years of age before they are eligible to obtain a permit to learn to drive • A stronger restriction limiting the conditions under which teenagers can drive at night time • A restriction on the number of other teen passengers that a young new driver can have in his or her vehicle • A requirement that teenagers reach the age of 18 before they become eligible to receive an unrestricted driver’s license giving them the full privileges of adult drivers • An open container law Preventing New Orleans Car Accidents Many of the regulations focus on the need for tighter restrictions on teen drivers. Young people are the most likely demographic group to become involved in a motor vehicle accident in New Orleans and throughout the state of Louisiana. Although the law may not require it, parents should consider limiting their teen’s privileges to drive at night or with friends in the car in order to help their children and other motorists stay safe. When a teen or driver of any age makes unsafe choices and an accident occurs, a New Orleans auto accident lawyer at Bloom Legal is here to help. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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