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Lindsay Lohan and How Not to Rid Yourself of a DUI Charge

Posted on Jul 12, 2010 in Celebrity Justice, DUI/DWI

DUI/DWI’s can haunt you for a long time. Take Lindsey Lohan for
example. After 2 arrests in as many months for driving under the
influence in 2007, the actress was sentenced to, among other things, 3
years probation and rehab and treatment classes. After missing
several required classes, her probation was extended for an additional
year starting in October 2009. After missing a scheduled court DUI
progress report hearing in May 2010, and after missing more required
classes, Ms. Lohan was recently sentenced to 90 days in jail and an
additional 3 months of rehab. Considering that her 3 years of
probation would be up at the end of August 2010, it is important to
note that following court orders is always the best policy.

When it comes to DUI/DWI’s, the best idea is to never get behind the
wheel while you are under the influence. However, should you be
arrested, getting an attorney to handle your case properly, along with
not repeating actions, can save you lots of time and money. Further,
having an attorney to make sure you follow any court sanctions is in
your best interests. A simple DUI/DWI can, in most cases, be
relatively quick to deal with. Yet continued disregard for the legal
system, like the actions of Ms. Lohan, can impact your life for years
to come.

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