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Inefficiency Causing Concerns for Louisiana’s Coast

Posted on Jun 11, 2010 in BP Oil Spill, Local Issues

BP executives tried to defend their actions on Wednesday at the State Capitol during a hearing about the unresolved issues resulting from the oil spill. Fingers were pointed at BP and also the federal government for a lack of efficiency in dealing with protection of the coast, processing of claims, shortages in funding, and insufficient seafood contamination tests. Many fear that there will not be enough resources to adequately fix the problems resulting from the oil washing up along the Louisiana coast. Without a proper plan on how to protect the coast, many are left questioning the authorities and the inefficient manner with which they are going about this. Executive director of the Louisiana Workforce Commission, Curt Eysink, is disappointed with how BP is dealing with those who have lost their jobs as a result of the oil spill. He said that BP is not even giving precise information about their database of claims. While on the other hand, BP sais they have set up 25 offices in the region with 700 employees to deal with the claims on a daily basis. Only 21 payments have been made of $5,000 to those companies that have filled out claims, but they will not be able to survive on that small amount of money. This slow resolve will lead to many abandoning their occupations in the seafood industry, and send them to unemployment lines to acquire food stamps and other forms of payment to live on. Terrebonne Parish President Michael Claudet fears that this will have a strong psychological effect on the people, which will surely outweigh the physical damages of this catastrophe.

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