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How to Hack the IPhone & Avoid the IPhone Contract + Big Food Recall = Products Liability Scores!

Posted on Jul 23, 2007 in Internet/Technology, National Issues

Today, Security Evaluators is telling everyone how the IPhone can be hacked because they've done it.  Seems all your personal information can be accessed through the IPhone's Safari web browser, letting the hacker take total control of the IPhone -- getting all your personal information, too.  IPhone users: beware of WiFi!!! Makes HackthePhone's news that Hack has successfully used a Cingular SIM in an IPhone less of a wow, somehow.  What's free service with this big hacking problem? Curious, though, how the news that the IPhone could be hacked at any WiFi spot came on the heels of how to circumvent the standard IPhone contract ..... Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Castleberry Food Company recalled every single product produced in its Georgia plant over the past 2 years because of a botulism scare.  Lots of canned chili and beef stew, and yes:  more pet food products. Check out the full product list here -- it includes such faves as Austex's Beef Stew and Natural Balance canned food for dogs. Scariest part of this whole thing?  Castleberry is advising that you remove these products from your homes by putting them inside TWO plastic bags.  Double bagging sounds pretty serious, huh? If you've been harmed by the Castleberry chili or beef stew, or by the IPhone hackability somehow, what to do?  Keep all your evidence - don't throw anything out.  The receipt, the product, all the documentation that goes with the incident (including emails and notes of phone calls) - all this stuff is important. Then, call a lawyer.  You may have a "products liability" case, which can make not only the manufacturer (Castleberry, Apple), but also the distributor (there's always a middleman) and the ultimate seller (i.e., the store where you got the product) liable for the damages that you have sustained. Since both of these instances involve massive product sales, expect class actions to form - these are where victims group together in one big lawsuit to make things more efficient. Oh, yes:  this has been a very big day for plaintiff's personal injury lawyers across the country.  Big.  Very big.  You don't need ESP to imagine all those lawsuits that will be filed ..... �

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