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Have You Been Accused of Robbery This Holiday Season? We Can Help

Posted on Dec 31, 2019 in Criminal Defense

The holidays are typically a time of joy and family closeness for many people. Often, the holiday season consists of considerable amounts of gift purchases and general giving to family, friends and others in need. Although it’s certainly not a requirement, many people enjoy being able to spread some “good cheer” by buying items for others and sadly, robbers also know this. Some may be in search for cash so that they can buy items for the people in their lives. As a result, there is typically an increase in theft during the holiday season. As robbery reports climb, many individuals are being falsely accused and arrested for robbery.  Below is the information you need to know to effectively fight the charges. If you have questions or concerns, contact our New Orleans criminal defense attorney today.

Types of Robbery Crimes in Louisiana

Generally speaking, robbery is defined as taking someone else’s money and/or possessions by force or verbal threat. If a person does so using a weapon, the charge would likely be armed robbery. Penalties for robbery will depend on the facts of the case and punishments can range from 0 to 99 years of jail time. There is so much at risk for those facing such accusations and charges and it is important for you to work with a knowledgeable New Orleans criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after being arrested.

Simple Robbery

Simple robbery involves taking anything of value that belongs to an individual from that individual or someone who has immediate control of the item by intimidation or force, but without a weapon.

First-Degree Robbery

This level of robbery involves the same acts as simple robbery, with the addition of the fact that the accused individual leads the victim to reasonably believe he or she is armed with a weapon. Think of the old TV shows where the alleged robber has his hand in his pocket, using his pointer finger to make it seem like there’s a gun or other weapon inside.

Second-Degree Robbery

Second-degree robbery involves the same acts as simple robbery, except this time, the accused individual intentionally inflicts substantial bodily harm (think of someone beating an individual prior to robbing him or her).

Armed Robbery

If you are accused of armed robbery, that involves a claim that you allegedly took something of value that belonged to someone else or was in someone else’s immediate control by intimidation or force while armed with a dangerous weapon.

What are Your Defenses?

We know that facing robbery charges can be scary for you and your loved ones. That is why it is important to note that there are a number of defenses that can be used to help you fight the allegations. For instance, our criminal defense attorney can argue that you, in fact, did not take the property alleged in the charges. Your case may also involve issues of mistaken identity or false accusations. Our team will work to gather as much evidence as possible while reviewing the facts of the case to determine the best defense to use under your particular circumstances.

Let Our New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney Help You Fight the Charges

Our New Orleans criminal defense attorney understands the risks individuals will face throughout the holiday season and beyond. That said, if you have questions about your case, do not hesitate to contact us.  We’ll set up an initial consultation, listen to your side of the story, and help you get your life back on track as quickly as possible. Call 504-599-9997 today.

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