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Halloween Safety Tips

Posted on Oct 30, 2007 in Local Issues

1.  Driving drunk can mean just leaving happy hour or a party with a slight buzz. You may not feel drunk and still, your blood alcohol content may be over the legal limit. Driving with a buzz can mean a DUI.  For someone the size of pre-pregnant Nicole Ritchie, that could mean as little as half a glass of wine. 2. Remember that “tricks” cannot be “vandalism.” Throwing eggs at a car, or toilet paper into trees, can be seen as misdemeanors by the authorities. Don’t do anything that may cause damage or expense to anyone. 3. Search your kids’ candy before anyone eats anything. If anything doesn’t look pristine and perfect, toss it. Tell the kids they can make up for it with a bag of clearance-sale candy at the grocery later. 4. If you find something in the treat bag that’s definitely been tampered with, put it in a Ziploc and call the police immediately. See if the kids can remember they got the tampered candy -- street names are good, apartment numbers or house descriptions are better.

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