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Gov. Jindal Wants to Get Rid of Lieutenant Governor Office

Posted on May 5, 2010 in Legislation, Local Issues

Bobby Jindal has not made it a secret that he would like for the Lieutenant Governor office to be abolished in the last few months. With the recent departure of Mitch Landrieu to be the Mayor of New Orleans from the post, he feels that this legislative session would be the perfect time to pass a bill to abolish the post. Two bills have been sponsored by State Representative Cameron Henry (R-New Orleans) and supported by the Jindal administration. The first, House Bill 743, proposes to abolish the Lieutenant Governor’s position entirely and would involve a constitutional amendment The bill requires a two-thirds vote to be passed through the legislature and then must be affirmed by the state’s voters in the upcoming Fall election. This seems to be a pretty difficult task to accomplish and, most likely, will not be achieved. The second, House Bill 812, is companion legislation that would strip most of the Lieutenant Governor’s responsibilities. The Secretary of |State would take over the position of second in line for succession to governor. Furthermore, it would remove the Office of tourism, museums and parks and delegate them to other departments. First, tourism would move to the state Department of Economic Development. Second, museums would fall under the purview of the secretary of state. Finally, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries would run parks.

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