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Former Tulane-Football Player Found Guilty in French Quarter Stabbing

Posted on Jun 30, 2008 in Local Issues, Sports

Last week Ray Boudreaux Jr., 23, a former Tulane football player was found guilty for attempted manslaughter and is subject to 60 years in prison. In September 2007, According to the Times Picayune, Bourdeaux was caught on surveillance stabbing a victim at the end of a “Bourbon Street Brawl”. The multiple victims suffered stab wounds as well as irreversible brain damage. The Defendant’s attorneys argued Boudreaux was acting in self-defense, presenting an alternative surveillance tape of the victims viciously beating a member of Boudreaux’s party. Additionally, Boudreaux testified that he was forced to drive himself and two brothers to safety after the mob had “pounded” the men. However, unfortunately for the Defendant, the jury did not accept this excuse. How can one prove self-defense? Self-defense is often asserted by a Defendant charged with a crime of violence; such as battery or assault with a deadly weapon. The defendant admits to the charged crime; however, they justify their crimes due to the aggressor’s actions. An individual has the right to protect him/herself. You do not have to wait to defend yourself until you are physically attacked, if a reasonable person can find your act of defense was to prevent the physical harm by the aggressor and the force of the defense was reasonable, you may not be guilty of the charged crime. If you or someone you know has been charged with a violent crime and believe the crime was a result of self-defense seek legal representation.

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