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Forever Stamp and the New Postal Rate Change

Posted on May 15, 2007 in National Issues

Back in March, the Forever Stamp debuted.  In April, you could buy them but you couldn't use them.  Starting this week, you can.  Initial price?  Forty-one cents -- the new first class postage rate, effective May 14. What's the big deal?  Once you buy them, you can use them.  Even if the postage rates go thru the roof, your little Forever Stamp that you got this week will still be good to go. The US Postal Service is very, very excited about this new concept.  Others, not so much.  Lots of bloggers are discussing the Forever Stamp as an investment strategy, including Sarah Gilbert at AOL Money&Finance, as well as Lifehacker -- and Frivolous Motion,  who has a pretty funny financial analysis of the whole thing. Is there some legal lesson to be learned in this news item?  Well, maybe the need to buy a bunch of two cent stamps now - for those of us who have a bunch of the old 39s and bills to pay ....

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