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Family of Child Injured in Shooting May Seek Legal Action

Posted on May 9, 2013 in Personal Injury

[caption id="attachment_3652" align="alignnone" width="665"] Photo Courtesy of nola.com[/caption] A fatal shooting in Mid-City last month left two men dead, and a third-grade boy severely injured, New Orleans police say. The family of 8-year-old Daymond Harris reported that the boy is awake and talking, after suffering shots to the stomach and arm. He was recovering only a day after the shooting, and is expected to pull through. New Orleans personal injury lawyers say that, although police are still searching for suspects, the family may consider bringing a lawsuit against the men who shot their son. On Tuesday, April 23, 2013, two men in hooded sweatshirts came up to a porch three houses down from the Harris household, and fired several shots, reportedly around 15. Two men were killed in the gunfire, and Daymond was struck twice, leaving the child in critical condition. Authorities did not immediately report the names of the two other victims, but were waiting to notify their families first. Local police have issued statements encouraging anyone with information about the shooting to come forward. Despite the fact that no one has been charged in the incident, New Orleans personal injury attorneys say that the gunmen could still be held accountable for the boy's injuries, should the family choose to file a lawsuit. In Louisiana, recoverable damages for a non-fatal injury include loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, medical costs in the present and future, and past and future mental or physical pain. Gunshot wounds can cause serious damage, and depending on where or how deep the bullet strikes, medical care could be long-term, racking up expenses for innocent victims. New Orleans personal injury lawyers recommend that the injured party file a claim no more than one year from the date of the injury. In this case, the Harris family may have to wait for the police to catch the gunmen before legal action can be taken, but they can take steps to prepare. Keeping meticulous copies of medical bills and a detailed account of everything that happened on the day the shots were fired could help the family build a case to sue the alleged shooters for the cost of emotional and physical damages that Daymond has suffered. A personal injury lawsuit could coincide with any homicide charges the gunmen will face, and the shooters may be held liable for any settlement costs along with potential jail time. Daymond Harris, known to his family as Bubba, is recovering well from his gunshot wounds, but his hospital stay may be long, and costly. It is for this reason that many personal injury lawyers in New Orleans encourage early action for those seeking to file a personal injury claim. While the case is in progress, many lawyers work a clause covering the bills incurred before the lawsuit is settled. Louisiana has set no caps on the maximum amount a personal injury lawsuit can seek in damages. New Orleans personal injury attorney Seth Bloom at leading law firm Bloom Legal represents victims of crime who have suffered severe damages and are seeking compensation.

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