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E.R. and Smallville Actor Arrested for Drug Trafficking

Posted on May 4, 2011 in Celebrity Justice, Drugs

The young actor who has starred in TV shows such as Blue Mountain State, E.R., and Smallville has pled guilty to conspiracy to sell over 10,000 pills of oxycodone but is asking for leniency from the judge on account of extenuating circumstances which involve a childhood friend and an imaginary, Mexican drug cartel. [caption id="attachment_1976" align="alignright" width="300"] Phot Courtesy of Wkipedia[/caption] Jones says Tom Cataloni, a friend from his hometown of Boston, contacted him in desperate need of help. Cataloni had apparently gotten himself into $90,000 worth of trouble with a Mexican drug cartel. Faced with the possible murder of his friend, Jones agreed to help sell oxycodone to make up the debt. The only problem was that there was no Mexican cartel, and Jones was about to find himself in the middle of a DEA sting. The actor faces over five years in jail for his involvement, but is looking to have that reduced. He claims that his was a minor role in the conspiracy and that a heavy sentence would be unwarranted. He has a June 22nd court date where his celebrity status may help him avoid prolonged jail time. If you or anyone you know has been arrested for attempted distribution of an illegal substance, Bloom Legal can fight for you. We specialize in New Orleans criminal defense cases. Contact us at 504-599-9997 for a case evaluation.

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