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Driving Under the Influence: Not Just for Drunk Drivers

Posted on Jan 9, 2014 in DUI/DWI

Driving under the influence is an all encompassing term. Here at Bloom Legal, we frequently meet client charged with a DUI, who believe that they have a defense to this charge because they were on prescription medication or other drugs and not driving while under the influence of alcohol. Let’s be clear, those are not defenses to a DUI charge. In Louisiana a person is guilty of DUI if he or she drives a motor vehicle under the influence of any controlled dangerous substance. La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 14:98 (A)(1)(c) (2010). Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal in all 50 states. Some states have even gone so far as to pass laws which set a THC-blood limit and creates a "permissive inference" of intoxication when a driver tests above that limit. A number of states have set More than a "per se" cannabis driving laws that hand a DUI conviction, without a trial, to anyone exceeding the state's THC blood limit, and many of those limits are set at zero. Here is a closer look at the laws in all 50 states: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/31/marijuana-dui_n_4520129.html Remember every case is different and we cannot predict the outcome of your individual case. It is important to consult a lawyer regarding the facts of your case. Never drive under the influence, always use a designated driver. If you do get arrested, please don’t hesitate to call Bloom Legal at 504-599-9997 or email us at info@bloomlegal.com for a consultation. There is nothing easy about dealing with a DUI charge. Let Seth help you through this tough and complicated time.

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