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Confederate Civil War Reenactments on the Rise

Posted on Dec 28, 2010 in Local Issues, National Issues

With the approach of the Sesquicentennial anniversary of the Civil War, states throughout the Southern region of the United States have seen an increase in Civil War Reenactments. One of the most prominent reenactments is expected to be the re-creation of the swearing in of Confederate President Jefferson Davis at the State Capitol in Montgomery, AL. Reenactors will also be raising the Confederate flag at a location near the Capitol. Reenactors in South Carolina also recently held a "Secession Ball" which has garnered some attention. These events have understandably drawn a significant amount of criticism and protesters are expected to rally outside of them. Black legislators fought hard to win a lawsuit in 1993 that ended Alabama's practice of flying the Confederate flag over the State Capitol and find the upcoming reenactment to be a distasteful glorification of the Confederacy and the legacy of slavery. Many reenactment organizations maintain that the Civil War was fought over states' rights, while dissenters assert that the rights the states were fighting over were the rights to slavery and that therefore these displays attempt to euphemize a disgraceful and shameful part of American history. These upcoming displays raise interesting questions over Constitutional rights to free speech as well as certain discrimination issues. If you or someone you know have been a victim of discrimination or have had your rights infringed, contact Bloom Legal today at 504-599-9997 to schedule a consultation to discuss the details of your case.

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