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City to Collect $91 Million in Unpaid Parking Tickets

Posted on Aug 15, 2011 in Local Issues, Traffic

With the city’s recent budget shortfall, government officials are hoping the $91 million dollars owed in overdue parking tickets will help pay the bills. They also plan to replace ACS State & Local Solutions Inc., which is in charge of processing and collecting parking fines, for allowing such a large sum to accrue. [caption id="attachment_2360" align="alignright" width="300"] Orleans Traffic Warrant[/caption] Officials admit that collecting all $91 million will be impossible. Some of the oldest tickets were issued nearly a decade ago and have been labeled “uncollectable.” By pursuing more recent fines and bundling older ones for sale to private companies at a discounted price, the city hopes to collect up to $20 million dollars. The city has told ACS State & Local Solutions Inc. to drop its price, implement an amnesty program for scofflaws and set up a payment program for repeat offenders, but the contract signed with the company by Ray Nagin makes it difficult for the city to enforce the changes. Soliciting for a new vendor to replace ACS will begin in December. This is good news for residents as many have reported double billings and inept customer service with ACS. The city has been issuing warrants similar to the one pictured above for those with outstanding tickets. If you receive an arrest warrant such as this or feel you may have outstanding fines, Bloom Legal can offer legal assistance at 504-599-9997.

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