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Choosing the Right New Orleans DWI Attorney

Posted on Feb 7, 2014 in DUI/DWI

New Orleans juries seem to be getting tougher on criminal offenders, as data indicates a significant increase in the rate of convictions from 2011 to 2012. When the Times-Picayune reviewed the conviction rate in 2011, 348 defendants were brought to trial before a jury and 65 percent were convicted. In 2012, on the other hand, 126 defendants had already been tried by July and convictions had been secured in 81 percent of cases. NOLA indicates that there are a lot of possible reasons for the increase in convictions; including video evidence being increasingly used, and jurors getting increasingly fed up with crime. One other possible reason is that the prosecutor’s office is cutting more plea deals on lesser offenses. With a higher conviction rate but more potential to perhaps cut a deal, it becomes more important than ever to find a New Orleans DWI lawyer who can negotiate a plea bargain or who can defend you in court.   But, how do you find a New Orleans DWI lawyer? BloomLegalTV has some answers. How to Find a New Orleans DUI Attorney When you’ve been charged with driving under the influence, a New Orleans criminal defense law firm is the right firm to call. Before you do, consider the following advice from a New Orleans DUI attorney on finding the right lawyer for you:
  1. Meet with the attorney in person and consider how you feel about the attorney. Make sure you feel comfortable with the attorney and with how you get along.
  2. Make sure your attorney practices DWI. You don’t want a lawyer who works in a different field representing you in a DWI case.  Ask your lawyer what his experience is with DWI cases and what the results of past cases have been.
  3. Look for a locally-based New Orleans DWI lawyer who goes to the local court frequently. Your lawyer should have experience with the local district attorneys and will know the court system and judges.
  4. Find an attorney with specialized training. Ask if your attorney is a member of the DUI National Defense College and if he has taken continuing legal education courses on DWI defense. DWI cases are complicated and you want someone with specific knowledge of these types of cases and of blood alcohol content (BAC) concepts.
At Bloom Legal, 75 percent of our practice is criminal defense and a large portion of our cases are DWI cases. We regularly help people with DWIs in the state of Louisiana and we can put our legal experience to work to help in your case. Our New Orleans criminal defense law firm helps both locals arrested for drunk driving and those visiting on spring break or vacation who face a DWI arrest.  Our goal is to resolve your case as quickly and effectively as possible with minimal or no consequences from the drunk driving arrest. Call us today and schedule a consultation so you can see if our New Orleans DUI attorney is the right one to help with your case.

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