Casey Anthony Verdict Sparks Disturbing Public Outcry

Posted on Jul 6, 2011 in National Issues

Orlando jurors yesterday, found Casey Anthony not guilty in the murder of her 2 year old daughter Caylee.

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This verdict has sparked considerable hoopla among talking heads and the general public via avenues such as social media who evidently believed that Casey was guilty of the murder of her child. This case brings to light some interesting legal dilemmas such as the influence of public perception and media portrayal in the unfolding of a case of this scale.

While many are apparently outraged at the perceived exculpation of a murderer, still others are taking the verdict as a clear victory for defendants’ rights. It is important to remember that in the American justice system, defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It is of equal importance to note that a jury of 12 individuals who heard approximately 2 months worth of testimony, arguments, and evidence were, despite intense media coverage to the contrary, evidently unconvinced beyond a reasonable doubt of the guilt of Casey Anthony in this matter.

It has been somewhat distressing to observe the amount of vitriol and outrage expressed by a large portion of the American public and particularly influential members of the media with respect to a matter and information to which few outside of the involved legal parties are actually privy.

It is not our place to speculate as to the guilt of Casey Anthony in this matter but we would like to remind our readers that the fundamental rights to a fair trial and the placement of the burden of proof upon the prosecution are aspects of the American judicial system which exist to protect us all from frivolous accusation, wrongful conviction, and slanderous speculation.

  • LC

    I have watched many shows on trials in the States. I have seen people that they didn’t even prove “thought” of killing anyone be put away for life.
    She was the last person with this little girl, lied about it for 31 days and now can party on and get wealthy over this death. I don’t believe a 2 1/2 year old little girl ended up in garbage bags with duct tape on her in a swampy garbage all by herself.
    This is the justice system at work? Well I think a lot of people should be released from jail then because many have been put away for life with much less evidenc.
    Casey just wrote the how to murder your child 101 guide. Just make sure you lie a lot and that she isn’t found until she is a complete skeleton then you can party too.
    Shame on the jury and shame on the system that allows a little girl to die without any justice.

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