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Britney Spears’ Court Order – Things Are Getting Serious Now, Boy

Posted on Sep 20, 2007 in Celebrity Justice

Britney Spears was out partying again, within hours after the end of this week's Custody hearing.  At the hearing, the Court determined that "there is a habitual, frequent, and continuous use of controlled substances and alcohol" by Britney, and ordered her to have random drug testing twice a week, as well as testing clean for at least 12 hours before she has possession of her children.  (There's also lots of counseling and classwork required for both Britney and K-Fed, and future court dates are set.) TMZ has posted the Commissioner's Order online  in case you want to read what Commissioner Gordon has required of both Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. So, what's really happening here?  Did Britney win or lose?  Did K-Fed get something here?  K-Fed's fight is more than just one, short hearing.  K-Fed's camp should be happy with this Order.  Britney, not so much.  Why? By putting these requirements in writing, the Court has set standards of behavior which both the mother and the father must obey, or face legal consequences.  Commissioner Gordon has defined the boundaries of what must be done by both parents.  Fail to stay within those boundaries, and they are defying a court order. Defying a court order gives the court power to do serious things:  put you in jail, for example.  Order you to rehab.  Or, take the kids from you. It's not too fantastic to think that violating this court order, coupled with positive results on the drug tests, might turn into felony child endangerment charges, expansion of the child protective services case (which can lead to termination of parental rights), or other new difficulties. Before the Order, we had gossip and paparazzi photos to document Britney's activity.  After the Order, we have lab testing, counselor reports, and status hearings to document her actions. All this Order did was establish the ground rules that the Judge will use to determine the ultimate custody decision. To win her fight with K-Fed, all Britney has to do is comply with the requirements.   It's not a mindgame between the two of them any more, or a publicity stunt or two or twelve. Sounds like the perfect scenario for Vegas oddsmakers, right?�

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