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BP in the Business of “Making it Right”? Doesn’t Seem So

Posted on Jul 13, 2010 in BP Oil Spill

Throughout the Gulf oil disaster, BP has claimed numerous times that it is going to do whatever it takes to make things right. The company has stated that it will honor all legitimate claims and will pay out accordingly. However, instead of “making things right”, BP has started reducing payments to Louisianans who have filed for compensation for losses because the company has deemed their files incomplete. Rather than simply inform the approximately 40,000 people who have incomplete files of their status or make an attempt to collect alternative forms of documentation, BP is cutting payments in what seems to be a blatant attempt to save money. Further proof of BP’s policy of reducing its financial liability will be illustrated when the company soon begins adjusting claims downward based on the seasonally decreased nature of fishing. I may not be speaking for everyone, but in my opinion it does not seem that BP is actually trying to “make it right”, as their press releases and commercials continuously claim. BP is making it clear that they are in the business of saving money, especially at the expense of the local fisherman. Before you or your loved ones accept a quick check from BP which may block you from any further claim against the company, please contact me at 504-599-9997 so that I can make sure your interests are being protected. After all, BP is not in the business of making you whole; they are in the business of making you go away quietly.

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