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BP Cap Holding, but New Leaks Develop

Posted on Jul 21, 2010 in BP Oil Spill

The new cap put on the gushing well in the Gulf of Mexico seems to be holding, but several leaks have been discovered in and around the well. While officials say that the leaks are not a current cause for concern since the pressure in the well is still rising (albeit at a slower than anticipated rate), they are certainly worth watching in the next couple days to see if the leaks become larger in size. As much as every American wants to believe that the disaster is on its way to being controlled, any sort of leak is not going to help perceptions very much. The public relations damage has already been done, and it might take much more than a cap holding steady for a few days for people to fully believe that everything is downhill from here (especially considering that most of the economic damage has yet to be felt). While everyone hopes the new leaks do not develop into something more and that we have truly seen the last of the oil to be spilled in the gulf, the phrase "I'll believe it when I see it" seems pretty appropriate here. And in my opinion, we certainly haven't seen "it" yet.

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