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BloomLegalTV: Minor In Possession (MIP)

Posted on Jan 31, 2012 in Bloom Legal TV

Today we’re discussing minors in possession of alcohol, otherwise known as MIP. This is something that we've covered before, both on our written and video blogs. As new preventative legislation is being enacted this is becoming a more and more relevant issue, especially now that we just finished New Years, and we are about to approach the Mardi Gras season.

There is new federal and state funding that is enforcing drinking laws all over New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. Many times people are confused about these laws because it is within the officer's discretion whether or not they want to arrest you or just give you a criminal summons. People often call Bloom Legal and say, "I just got a ticket." That ticket is the same thing as an actual misdemeanor crime. Whether or not you're arrested or get a summons, it needs to be treated the same. The benefit of getting the summons is that you don't have to spend the night in the Orleans Parish prison. Believe me, that's something no one wants to experience. Many times offenders just pay the fine, which is low; $200 or $300 dollars for an MIP. The problem is, once paid, that's a charge that will be on your permanent record as a criminal conviction for a misdemeanor. You want to avoid that. You really need to talk to a lawyer in your jurisdiction about your rights. Just be careful out there. If you're under 21 walking down Bourbon Street holding a drink for a friend, whether it's a Hand Grenade from the Tropical Isle or a Hurricane from Pat O'Brian's, you're violating the law. You need to avoid that. There are tasks forces all over the city going into bars (especially the college bars uptown near Tulane and Loyola) and they are arresting minors. You need to be careful with these things, and you need to get a lawyer to explain your rights. If you have any other questions, please give us a call at 504-599-9997. The office of Seth Bloom is located at Bloom Legal LLC, 700 Camp Street in the heart of downtown New Orleans. Nothing here should be meant to be taken as legal advice. If you have a specific problem, you need to talk to a specific attorney in your county or parish.

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