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BloomLegalTV: Expunging Criminal Records in LA

Posted on Jan 14, 2011 in Bloom Legal TV

One of the most frequent questions submitted to the Bloom Legal blog concerns expungements (ie. removing charges from people's records). Each and every criminal case is different; there are cases that vary depending on jurisdiction, whether it's a misdemeanor, a felony, you plead guilty, you were found or convicted of the crimes, or whether the charges were simply dismissed. If you need a charge expunged, and you're not sure about your rights when it comes to getting your charge erased, give Seth Bloom a call today at 504-599-9997. Expungements are one of Bloom’s specialties. We’ll analyze your particular criminal situation and decide whether or not you are eligible for an expungement. If you are, our team will be glad to assist in processing the expungement, and getting it removed from your record.

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